Mistral performance pipes or Standard which do you prefer? Made in Mandello del Lario

One of the first changes I made to the bike was to put different exhausts and levers on. The aluminium levers had started to corrode. I replaced them with black ones and think it improved the bike.

The next was to fit Mistral performance pipes onto the bike. I chose Mistral https://www.youtube.com/embed/Tc6RZwjjsqA” target=”_blank”>performance exhausts as I had heard them on youtube and seen them mentioned by other Moto Guzzi owners. Also they are just around the corner of the Moto Guzzi factory in Marenello del Lario Italy. This again confirmed to me that if the factory was still there they must be doing some thing right all this time.

Mistral have a factory in 23826 Mandello Del Lario Strada Statale 95. The web site is in English and Italian showing their products. Performance pipes for Moto Guzzi and other models.

Have a look at the videos. One is taking the exhaust off, Another is starting the bike up with standard pipes and last is the bike with Mistral performance pipes.

I did not have to jet them and found them good enough for me in performance. I asked the factory for advice on jetting and they suggested either to reset the ecu at a Moto Guzzi dealers or wait 2/300kms before the engine would automatically adjust. I also asked Baldrick and he confirmed that nothing was needed.

If you want a few extra bhp I would think that the engine could do with tuning. The bike changed in that it was easier to rev. it felt more free from restrictions.

I found a Guzzi forum in America that mentioned tuning. Todd at wwwguzzitech.com said that he could supply a guzzitech supply tuned ecu. Have a look at the forum for more details.

I would never go back to standard pipes as I believe it is better for cars to hear you even if they do not see you. Another reason for the pipes. I do not think that they are that loud just enough to be heard.

Do you have standard pipes on your bike?



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