Last day with the Moto Guzzi Bellagio Luxury 940


Last picture of the Moto Guzzi Bellagio luxury 940. The new owner took ownership and this was the last time parked outside my house. I delivered the bike to the new owner and on the way there, the mistral pipes, the way the bike handled stuck with me. It is a great bike for driving in a relaxed position. The torque of the engine and the sound of the mistral pipes make it a great bike to own and drive. The sound of the pipes bring a smile.

I will miss the bike. The oem panniers came in handy when going out on a run or to work. The original Moto Guzzi panniers had just enough room for some small items. Not too large that the weight would disrupt the handling. The only disappointment was that in wet weather the leather started to bubble. Not ideal for our climate.

Another difference is the way people have a attachment to the motor cycles. There is a big following for the Moto Guzzi marque and with the factory opening up once a year with its “open house”. Mandello del Lario in Italy is invaded. Back in September 2014 over ten thousand fans invaded the factory. Have a look at the Moto Guzzi site for details.

The make and engine design has not changed much over its time. I have a old 1982 Moto Guzzi California II and the engine design seems to be the same even with over 30 years difference. The engine casings both look very similar. As in previous posts the engine is very easy to service and has proved reliable in the time of ownership except for a fuse blowing.

I am not sure why there were not many made although in some ways this will make this bike even more valuable in the future. I am sure over time the value will go up. I found it very hard to find one.

When I sold my Bellagio the first buyer called in a hour of advertising.

They are a lovely looking bike and a very unusual design.

How does it compare to your bike. Are you going to keep hold of yours?


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