Moto Guzzi Mechanics are hard to find

If ever you need repair work, servicing or a mot on a Moto Guzzi.  I have found three people who will be able to help and have all the knowledge needed. When ever I have had to ask questions or to have work carried out. Then these three have helped out.

Baldrick (his nick name and likes to be called Baldrick after the tv series of black adder)

Uk based in Surrey area. Call his mobile 07536 116 176 to discuss. He has been working on Moto Guzzi and many other makes of motorcycles. Has always fixed the issue or knows what to suggest next. Mot preparation and servicing.


Charlie who has always been a source of knowledge also. Only problem for me is he is based in America. He has restored old and new so has a lot of knowledge on the work and issues. Have a look at his website.


Gregory Bendor who also has a website. I bought all my electrical connectors and fixed the wiring on the Guzzi. Another great source of information although again based in America.

and last me and my site.

It is great to have such a vast resource as the internet to search far and wide. Some times your search on google can bring up the fix or point you to a resource.





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