600 miles on the Bella across to North Wales


Half way on a tour to North Wales and around three hundred miles covered so far. Stopped for some pictures on the bridge. Eight of us on various motor bikes Aprilia rsv, Yamaha xtz 750 super tenere, Bmw rt, Bmw gs, Kawasaki zx 900, Ducati 899 Panigale, Honda varedero and my Moto Guzzi bellagio. The bellagio was a nice bike to keep up on the short twisty roads but is quite heavy for trying to push through the corners. My previous bike the 916 is a totally different bike. The two seem chalk and cheese apart. I would have preferred to have used the 916 on the trip. We travelled on a variety of roads the motorways, a roads and country roads. All the owners and bikes managed to keep up with each other. None of the bikes had any issues on the 650 miles that we covered over two days. Only one problem where one of the owners used a disc lock which had not been used much. The lock seized solid and when it was time to go would not release. A call to the breakdown services and he managed to free the lock by using some oil.

The Bellagio managed to cover the miles with no problem. As to keeping with the others depended on which bikes. If I had the choice for the twisting roads, I would have preferred a lighter motor cycle with more power. The bellagio is fine for a sedate ride but trying to enjoy the twisting roads after owning a sports bike seems to show up some weaknesses. The weight is a disadvantage against the 916. The clearance on corners does not compare on both.

is this a fair comparison though


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