12,000 mile service on the Moto Guzzi Bellagio and fitting of the flame trap, new speedo sensor cable

I hope this helps you to tackle a service on your bike. I have trained as a mechanic but even if you have some one else service your bike. Have a look to understand what can be done on a twelve thousand mile service.

The Moto Guzzi Bellagio started to tick over unevenly and occasionally stall. Baldrick (Moto Guzzi Mechanic) said that this was a good indication of the tappets out of specification. The factory manual from Moto Guzzi recommends metric 0.10 for the inlet and 0.15 for the exhaust.

The Moto Guzzi is one of the easiest large capacity motorcycles that I have serviced. The tappets are adjusted after turning the engine over from taking the front stator cover off. A 24mm socket to turn the engine over clockwise. When the inlet valve opens and closes. Then push a plastic straw or similar into the plug opening. As the piston reaches top dead centre. eg as the piston is at the highest point. This is where the gaps are measured.

I also took the UFI 2328700 air filter out and cleaned it from dust. Renewed three litres of engine oil to 10w 60 fully synthetic. Removed the sump and replaced the oil filter for a new UFI 3098900.  Put new sump washers for the drain bolts. Replaced the transmission and gearbox oil.

In the gearbox I replaced 500ml of 80/90w and 380ml in the transmission. I measured the gearbox oil although both have level plugs that take out any need for measuring. I filled up the rear drive to below the filler plug.

One way I have learnt to get as much oil out is to start to drain the bike when you return from a journey. The bike and engine is warm. Then to start draining the oils and leave the bike overnight. This way when you come to carry out any tappet adjustments the engine is cold. The oil would have drained off. I know this works well as the oil when added to the engine after is so clear.

Remeber that the service parts are all checked, brake pads, lights, tyre pressures etc. Check over for any parts that might have vibrated loose.

After the change of Pirelli angel gt tyres I have decided to alter the pressures to Moto Guzzi specification of 2.3bar front and 2.5 rear. originally Pirelli recommend 2.5 bar front and 2.7 rear. With this and turning up the suspension one turn on the hard setting, it will be interesting to see if the handling is improved.

The cable speedo sensor was also replaced in the pictures below. The latest was supplied by Baldric which is supposed to last longer. I assume the factory have had a supply of faulty speedo cable sensors as there seems to be a lot of talk on the net of having to replace this to remove the service light and get the speedo back working. There a pictures of the new and old one.

The final job was to fit a couple of flame traps. These came from fiat part number 4400432. In the picture you can see they look like pipe cleaners. I put both of these in the large breather pipe that comes from the engine into the breather box and then the air filter.

Having read some articles on the web it seems that this modification will stop the oil emulsifying. I hope it works as in the past I have removed the plug which allowed the emulsifying oil to drain out and left a patch of oil when I pulled up.


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8 thoughts on “12,000 mile service on the Moto Guzzi Bellagio and fitting of the flame trap, new speedo sensor cable

  1. The stator cover for the 24mm nut for checking valves. Am i correct thinking that this the polished chrome like cover (With eagle) at the front of the engine

  2. Again thank you, want to do a service myself on the bellagio before Italy trip. Kind Regards, Bellagio Ray.

  3. And btw wish the oil filter was external on the sump !!! Seems a bit daft removing sump cap srews every filter change. Cheers Bellagio Ray.

  4. Hi,

    After a 4 ride in the rain, the next day the mileage LED is now stuck at zero and the red service light is on. Fortunately I saw several posts of riders having the same issue after a ride in the rain. I have a 209 Stelvio. I saw a few posts where they dried out the sensor and then sealed and no more issue. However, where is the sensor?


    Robert M.

  5. Robert M. If you trace along the rear shaft. You will see the speedo sensor black cable. It routes around to the shaft and inbetween the disc. Mine dried out inbetween times. In the end I found it better to replace. You could try to dry it out. I guess there is some issue with the early units.

    • Yes, took the rear wheel off and thought I could open the sensor and use a blow drier but seems sealed. I can see where water gets in by the wire leading into the box. I will just have patience and wait a few days and see if all ok then will apply sealant around the wire. So when is all dry, the red light and service alert does not show? Or do I have to put the tire back on and spin it so the sensor responds before the dashboard resets? Thanks for responding.

      • On my bellagio one time i rode it was raining hard and I think water moisture was at the top of the switch by the tank. Water manages to get in by the seat and tank.
        Sounds like you have a good idea. I had to reset mine after. The speedo started to work once i reset the ecu. I have one of my posts where it tells you for the bellagio. I am not sure if the stelvio is the same.

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