Moto Guzzi Bellagio blown Fuse common problem failed to start

HIFI boxed up on the back

HIFI boxed up on the back

blown small fuse

blown small fuse



Above you can see the Moto Guzzi Bellagio loaded up and ready to go. Only pushed the eletric start button. Heard a click and nothing. Thought it was the starter motor and rocked the bike in gear. No change. Pushed the bike down the hill with the box on board and it would not jump start. Tried two more times. Thanks to Clem, Danny and others for the push up and down the hill. Gave up as it was not firing. Called the recovery to pick me up.

While waiting for the recovery truck. Called Baldrick the Moto Guzzi Mechanic. He asked me to switch the key on. Move to the front of the bike and the pilot light was not on. Baldrick advised to check the fuses under the seat next to the relays. He mentioned that one of the 15amp mini fuses has blown. That the bikes surge at 16amps and blow the fuse.

As you can see above the fourth fuse that I checked was blown. Pulled it out and replaced it with a 20 amp fuse as Baldrick advised. Pressed the electric start button and the engine fired up straight away. Baldrick was spot on. Seems this is a common problem or that has affected several Moto Guzzi models.

Thanks to Baldrick for his advice and for fixing it. Sorry guys for the push up and down the hill. Next time will call baldrick first.

regards Vinny


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10 thoughts on “Moto Guzzi Bellagio blown Fuse common problem failed to start

  1. I had this problem in Belfast last year in between ferries on my way to the TT last year. I think i replaced a small 5 amp fuse can you confirm it was a 15 amp fuse you replaced.

    • On my bike the 15 amp fuse blew. From memory there are four 15 amp fuses and relays. It is the small grey cover that is removed to find the fuses underneath the seat. I replaced it with a 20 amp fuse. I have not had any problems since.

  2. Thank you so much, off to mandello del lario & bellagio in july. Thanks for Info. Safe Riding !!!

  3. Thanks for you comments. I hope it helps others to sort out their bikes. At the time it took me a coulpe of hours until I spoke to Baldrick the moto guzzi mechanic who knew the issue straight away. So I was broke down at the side of the road with no knowledge of this issue. It is so frustrating to be parked up not knowing where to go next.

  4. Ok so i have now fitted 20 amp fuse as advised. What i also have now is once i turn the ignition on and then attempt to press start, seems to require more than one press of the button before the starter motor turns the engine over. Any ideas as to why this happens ? Kind Regards Bellagio Ray.

  5. hi i have had all these problems too,fuse was fixed ok but had to get local guzzi mechanic to rewire the starter switch
    some $200.00 later,

  6. Thanks for taking the time to post this. My Bellagio did exactly this just today as I tried to leave the gas station after filling. It’s a bad feeling when you hit the starter and…. nothing…. Fortunately my limited knowledge had me swapping out fuses with others that were still OK, I then had it kicking over, but it wasn’t firing? Perhaps I swapped the fuse with the fuel pumps? I switched a few more and finally was on my way. Have now ordered a 20amp as you suggested! Thanks again!

    • Peter It was moto guzzi mechanic Baldrick that helped me. I then wanted to help others. Thanks for your kind words. I hope that if they bring another model out it is corrected. Great news that you managed to get it working!

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