Moto Guzzi handling and the open road

As the sun has come out. The roads are dry and the handling of the Moto Guzzi bellagio becomes more important. The rear tyre was squaring off where I was driving careful in the constant damp cold and raining weather. Now over the last few days. It has regained its round shape. The handling for such a large bike, 220 plus kilos with a single sided swing arm seems to be a fine art of adjustments. The Bellagio luxury that I own is fitted with a softer rear damper. This in my mind works against the handling as for cornering it can be soft but needs to absorb any potholes or bumps in the road. I will be adjusting the rear suspension to see if I can fine tune the handling which at some times develops into a slight wallow through too soft. This and the front suspension will have to be changed. I resumed all the settings to standard and am in the process of changing both front and rear to adapt the handling.

In general though the bike has covered 10500 miles. It has been very reliable. The only issue the speedo rear sensor which still is the original one fitted. I have a new modified one supplied by Baldrick, The moto guzzi mechanic who says that the latest ones do not suffer as the ones fitted.

I did have a puncture and found out it has a inner tube for the rear spoked wheel. I could not find any object and can only assume the tube gave up. The bike starts on the button and averages around 50 plus mpg. The only things that I would have changed on the bike. On the left handlebar switch the horn and indicators are reversed in space. Where you would normally go for the horn is the indicators and vice versa. I went to sound my horn at a car turning in front of me but silence as I hit the centre of the indicator switch. I was thinking of how to change the switch but as it holds the buttons for changing the modes and display can see why Moto Guzzi designed it this way.

The dry roads are such a great way to get around on two wheels. Lets hope the weather keeps going the right way toward sunshine.

speedo of the moto guzzi bellagio luxury

speedo of the moto guzzi bellagio luxury



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