When the clutch fails on a Moto Guzzi Bellagio check

I had problems with my Moto Guzzi Bellagio clutch. As I pulled the lever in to the handlebar only half the travel seemed to be working. When I pumped the lever a few times faster it seemed to move out. I assumed it was needing bleeding. I asked my mechanic friends and spoke to Baldrick for advice.The suggested cleaning the fluid and bleeding or that the clutch master cylinder could be faulty.

I wanted to try and sort it out myself so took on to bleed the clutch. The most helpful part in the Mot Guzzi Bellagio is that the bleed pipe is taken from the slave cylinder from the bottom of the gearbox and travels up to where it clips under the seat. With a 14mm and 10mm spanner to unlock it was very easy to connect a tube and bleed the clutch. I think it is a very clever idea from the people at Moto Guzzi.

With Baldricks advice I cleaned the lower bowl of the clutch master cylinder and then put fresh fluid in and kept bleeding until the fluid appeared clean. I then was concerned as the travel on the clutch lever was still only half way.

I pulled the lever all the way in to the handlebar where it made a squeaking noise. This made me look closer and then I remembered from memory when fitting the lever after I took the master cylinder apart to grease that there was an adjusting screw. In the picture below you can see with the aid of a small screwdriver the internal adjuster was turned in. The clutch travel came back up. Success I now had a clutch that was working as it should be.




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