Reset of service indicator warning triangle to stop. Electrics or ecu?

With modern day electronics we like the reliability against the days of old bikes. My old Moto Guzzi California II has electronic ignition. This is the only advancement in the bike and how it is basic since new. The Moto Guzzi Bellagio developed a fault last night with just over 8400 miles on the clock. Filling with petrol and driving the last few miles of a journey. The speedo stopped and the warning triangle illuminated. The bike carried on and then it returned to normal on low throttle.

I parked up and thought it was an unusual glitch. On the return journey after a mile or two. The warning triangle emerged on the dash. The red triangle in the corner. I used the information from the previous blog to access the menu. Entered 21959 for the Service code and to enter the diagnostics and found the following fault codes.

I cleared the codes and returned out of the menus. This is a classic fix on most computers and Ecu ‘s. If it returns I know that there is a unit that is needing attention. As to which electronic device is causing this will need further investigation with the Moto Guzzi forums.

From the menu

Ecu Errors Active Ecu 56

Ecu Errors Ecu 45

Dashboard Errors Dsb 07

20140124_195244 20140124_195348 20140124_195355


6 thoughts on “Reset of service indicator warning triangle to stop. Electrics or ecu?

  1. Hi, the DSB 07- and ECU 56-description are from the official guzzi manual:

    ### DSB 07-error###
    “Oil sensor failure DSB 07
    — Error cause —
    # An oil sensor failure is signalled when, with engine off, it is detected that the sensor circuit is open. The test is performed only once when the key is set to ON. This error is signalled by the bulb icon and the general warning light turns on as well.
    — Troubleshooting —
    # Check the sensor connector and the instrument panel connector (PIN 17): If not OK, restore. If OK, check the continuity of the purple cable between the sensor connector and the instrument panel connector PIN 17: if not OK, restore the cable harness; if OK, replace the sensor.”

    “Location of speed sensor:
    # sensor: on swingarm, right side, near the rear brake calliper
    # connector: under the saddle, next to
    the right fairing
    # PINS 1-3 Voltage: approx. 12 V
    # PINS 2-3 Voltage: variable 0.4V-12V
    (by turning the rear wheel)
    1. Supply voltage (green)
    2. Output signal (grey/white)
    3. Ground (blue/orange)

    — Error cause —
    # Error signal if a speed below the default value set by the manufacturer for the running vehicle is detected. Possibly shorted to ground, battery or speed sensor circuit open: lack of supply from the control unit also possible.
    — Troubleshooting —
    # Check correct position of the sensor in its fitting.
    # Check voltage between PINS 1-3 of the sensor. In case of null voltage, check continuity between PIN 1 of the sensor and PIN 17 of the ECU BLUE connector.
    # Check PIN 17 of the blue connector.
    # Check continuity to ground of PIN 3 of the sensor.
    # Check continuity of the cable between PIN 2 of the sensor and PIN 24 of the ECU blue connector.
    # Check PIN 24 of the blue connector.
    # If after all these checks the failure is not found, replace the sensor.
    Speed sensor – over the maximum limit.
    — Error cause —
    # Error signal if a speed above the default value set by the manufacturer for the running vehicle is detected.
    — Troubleshooting —
    # if over the maximum limit: replace the sensor.”

    ECU 45: Remo. Error DC Start-up Gnd –> Check and clean all electrical wires and contact points from battery minus till frame and starter minus.

    Just google for the manual. It is not perfect but better than nothing.

    Sincere regards,

  2. Hello Vinnychoff,

    I am OK with that. The question is, what Guzzi will say about it.
    But as long as you can download the manuals from the internet it should be OK.

    By the way: The English manual is better for electric problems.
    In the German one there only is a little description for the codes. In the English one there also is a troubleshooting for some error codes.

    Sincere Regards,

    • I hope that Guzzi realise that having happy owners is the main issue. That the more reliable the bikes are. The more happy owners will stay with Moto Guzzi. Having well trained dealers is also their role. I found conflicting information from many dealers on whether my Bellagio was fitted with inner tubes. Baldrick the Moto Guzzi mechanic was right, a independent mechanic against several dealers that I called and gave me misleading information. This shows that the current system Moto Guzzi have is not working and needs improving.

  3. Im have same problem, and official service dont detect any mistake, please help me, maybe sombody have expirience with this, light for oil pressure dont light, speedo meter temporary work, ECU or DSB in error, for my securiti, Im make paralel alarm for oil pressure, wiring its ok.

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