Moto Guzzi Bellagio 940 first service common problems and emulsifying oil

20131116_114624 20131116_114619 20131116_114616 20131116_114638

Some tips for the future are to have some spares ready for the service.

2 NGK bp6es plugs

2 tappett cover gaskets

one sump gasket

air filter UFI 2328700

oil filter UFI 3098900

sump washer

3 litres of oil


In the pictures you can see the bike apart for servicing. It has covered just over six thousand miles. The tappets were adjusted and out of specification. I adjusted them to .10 and .15mm. Much easier than shims as not needing any special tools. I used the method of turning the engine over until inlet valve opened, on to compression. Monitored where the piston was at tdc, then adjusted the valves.

The outside plugs were renewed as the inside plugs are good for 20k. The plugs seemed okay but I wanted to see if there is a difference with new ones.

The air filter and oil filter have been replaced. An oil filter UFI 2328700 and UFI 3098900 air filter.

New tappet cover and sump gaskets replaced. I was unhappy that the tappet gasket leaked a couple of days back. On removing I could see that the seal had broken. This caused me to have oil on my boots and leaked onto the drive. I was worried on the journey home as the oil was low. The fins were covered in oil and the allen screws were loose. I did find on a forum that others say this is a common problem that the gaskets give up at six thousand miles. Thanks to Baldrick (Moto Guzzi mechanic) who was very helpful in supplying a couple of tappet cover gaskets.

Now with the service complete and new gaskets with gasket sealant the seal should be good for another six thousand miles plus before the tappets need adjusting again.

In the service the sump was removed and degreased. Just looking it would seem that to keep the engine oil at its best. It would be beneficial to change the oil sooner. There was some build up within the sump.

In the air filter housing the oil had built up and emulsified. The picture shows the white oil inside. I have left out the drain plug on purpose and hope that the oil will drain away. As this time the filter housing was quite full of oil.

The only difficulty left is to have the service reminder cleared on the speedo. I am looking in to how this can be done.

Overall the service took a while but was easy as the engine is easy to get to with the plugs and adjustments. For a twin 1000 cc engine it is simple to work on. 

How does yours compare?




2 thoughts on “Moto Guzzi Bellagio 940 first service common problems and emulsifying oil

  1. Serviced my Bellagio, much the same, I would do the gearbox and CARC oil too. The emulsion out of the air filter box is common, but only happens now and then. If you do the CARC oil spin the rear wheel or take it for a short ride to get any air out and recheck the level.

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