The little things matter when petrol leaks from the tank

I have filled up a few times and have noticed that there is water still in the tank area. When taking the fuel cap out. In the ridge where the water should run out. It seems as though that the over flow is blocked. This seems to be linking with other issues. As it has been raining and the bike is kept outside. Then water is in the fuel cap area. If this leaks into the tank, then it could cause problems with the running. The side of the bike on the left covering the starter motor is covered in oil and dirt.

When I filled up with petrol to the brim of the tank and went in to pay. Back out to the bike I noticed that the petrol leaked over on the engine where it looked liked dirty oil. I sat on the bike and the petrol was bubbling out of the fuel cap. It seems that the overflow pipe must be blocked. The petrol is leaking over onto the engine and making the bike dirty. It needs further investigation but in the picture you can see the fuel marks on the tank.





One thought on “The little things matter when petrol leaks from the tank

  1. Hi,
    I had the same issue. I learned always to stand the bike on the sidestand while refueling.
    When you sit on it while refueling and then stand it on the sidestand fuel will come out.

    Regards from Wolfsburg,

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