Moto guzzi bellagio mpg Digital clocks

20130729_170302the Moto guzzi bellagio clocks are nice to look at but for me i would prefer if there was a different order. In the picture you can see that the top line holds the reserve view. This only comes on with the low petrol light and covers up the total mileage. The stats that are available are lower down. With the left lever you are able to cycle through three clicks mode 1,2 mode. This shows you average mpg, distance, time, max spped, average speed etc

When I filled up it had used 68 miles on the reserve. If i have the tank filled right to the top there was still 3 litres of petrol with 19 litres total. I had filled up to the brim with 16.55 litres so assume that there must be around 2.5 litres of petrol left.

At present i have looked at the guage and zerod the tripometer and filled up with petrol. Twice on tank fulls i have managed to get 55mpg. This is mainly motorway with a little town work. Hopefully this will increase as the bike runs in. Currently at two thousand miles.


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