Five days and fallen off the bike with no help. The moto Guzzi Bellagio luxurywas too heavy to lift.

I had a spill and I put it down to the Moto Guzzi Bellagio has standard pipes fitted and is very quiet. The lights are on all the time and most people would agree that this makes the bike safe. Today I had a small fall although nothing was damaged. My pride hurt more than anything else and upset at busy life.

On the way home today traveling between the two lanes of traffic. Filtering slowly with no cars on the inside. The car in the outside lane decided to pull across in front of me. I had time to brake but on thinking there was going to be a collision tried to bring the back of the bike around. The car moved forward and as the rear tyre gripped it threw me over the other side. Now stopped with the bike a few inches off the floor. it was difficult to hold the bike up. The full weight of the motorcycle on the floor. As I lowered the bike to the floor. The cars moved around me. The car that caused me to swerve carried on in to the distance. No one behind me helped me while I was struggling in the road or offered to help lift the bike up. I let the bike on the floor, got off and picked it back up using the way showed on the net, where you stand in front of the bike. Look away from the bike and hold the handlebar and seat rack. Keep a straight back bending your knees to pull the bike up. I managed to do this even with cars all around me. So as soon as I lifted the bike, I managed to push to the side of the dual carriage way.

It seems a sad day when help is needed that no one offers to assist. This differs so much when I think back in Italy back in June a friend fell over on his motorcycle. As two cars past by, both offered to help and asked several times if there was anything that could be done. They were very persistent. Here was the complete opposite.

Maybe if the bike was fitted with louder pipes this would of helped the driver to hear a motorcycle.

What do you think of loud pipes?



One thought on “Five days and fallen off the bike with no help. The moto Guzzi Bellagio luxurywas too heavy to lift.

  1. I agree that louder pipes may have alerted the cager that a M C was in the vicinity .the “restrictors” in the standard Bella exhausts are easily removed .giving it a rich low rumble . without having to go for tacky looking tinny sounding aftermarket pipes that cost far to much.

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